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brainy vids for special people. a sylar fanvid community
"brainy vids for special people"

sylar is not only a character in a television show, at least not to us devoted fangirls who dedicate out time creating graphics, writing fan fictions and making videos related to him. this is the first community created for you vidders, and dedicated to only sylar fanvids.

furthermore, there are awards given on this community. if you so happen to have an amazing video that just knocks our socks off, you can receive a golden, a silver or a bronze banner award


1. This is a sylar vidding community. Only videos of or related to the character may be posted on the site

2. Make your posts are clear. "plz do not type like this"

3. Please respect each other and their work. If you have a problem with another member then talk to a staff member and they will take care of the situation.

4. DO NOT STEAL! I can't say this any clearer. if you are passing someone's videos as your own you will immediately banned from the community.

5. If you are going to comment, please don't insult or say something negative about a member's video. if you have nothing nice to write, don't write anything at all

6. make sure you use the form provided when posting. it's there for a reason and we want to keep the community well organized

7. tag your video with your name, that way we can archive all of your videos together

8. the only ones who can post videos from other vidders are the maintainers of the community. members should only post their own work


you must use this form or your post will be deleted

name of video:
song and artist:
video description:
warning:(in case of spoilers)
download (optional)
streaming (you can stream your video behind the cut or just post a link)


We like to give something back to you guys and reward you for your efforts. here at sylar vids we keep looking for amazing videos around livejournal, so you might end up receiving a nice little award for your creation. you video will be posted here as part of the special collection. of course, we will be asking for the vidders permission to post it and he or she will receive full credit. you can also receive and award when you post in the community. the videos will be viewed by the staff and we will decided if your video should get an award or not.

The Golden Award is given to exceptional videos. They have an innovated idea and used great technique to develop it. Everything works, from the music choice to any effects used. They have outstanding skills

The Silver Award is given to amazing videos, that needs something extra that will take it to the next level. The idea may be an original one, but the technique was not used to its full potential and viceversa.

The Bronze Award is given to a great video that still needs some work done. Maybe the idea is not as original as others and the technique is not well developed, but it still interesting and has all the qualities that will grant the video a bronze award

And of course i will be posting the videos i make here as well and since i don't think that awarding myself is necessarily cool, i have created a banner just for me that will say moderator on the top, so you know that the video is mine and that it will not be up for judging

please, don't be discourage if your video doesn't win an award this time cause that doesn't mean we didn't like it or that it wasn't any good. we appreciate all of your creations


there are a few things you can take into consideration when you make your video

song choice and use: this is a very important part of your video. the song you choose has to match the tone of your video. you are not going to have a video of peter vs. sylar to an n'sync song, right? also, just because you chose the right song doesn't necessarily mean that you know how to use it. remember, every beat counts. use the beats of the song, cut the clips in the right moment

technique: this is very important. you obviously made your video for a reason right? so every clip and every cut has to be for a purpose. what we mostly look for is cleanliness, so avoid jump frames.

coloring and effects: the use of coloring gives the clips that extra touch, of course this is not a necessity. when it comes to effects, i am a true believer that less is better. if you have a video saturated with effects, your attention centers more on the effects than the actual video or the story you are trying to tell. is the same with the over use of transition effects, it's distracting. this of course all depends on the video and on wether or not you know how to use the effects to your advantage. effects should enhance the video, not make the video


1. jump frames, these are one or two frames left from another clip at the start or end of your clip making your video look messy. be sure to double check your video before rendering and saving it to avoid this problem.

2. try not to leave the clip for too long, this will loose the attention of the viewer. try using the beat of the song to cut the clips

3. try and avoid using clips where the character or characters are talking if you are not going to use the voice over. when you hear the music and watch the clip with lip movement for no reason is very distracting.

please don't feel bad if your video doesn't get an award.. not getting an award does not mean that your video is not as important to us, every video that is submitted here matters to us, we wouldn't have a community without you guys



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